Brighton ELC

Brighton Beach ELC


We believe that all children should be immersed in an environment which is responsive to their individual needs, providing exciting opportunities for learning and investigation. Our programs are developed by teachers who value the idea that ‘children learn through play’. Programs are inclusive of art, maths, music, science, sport, literacy, natural investigation and LOTE (languages other than English). These areas are interwoven into programs which allow children to ask questions, research, hypothesise and discover.

We aim to provide the highest level of care and education for all children in a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment. As part of our centre philosophy, providing an environment which is accepting of all families and children is of the utmost importance. We welcome all families and pride ourselves on our ability to recognise and celebrate the differences in our cultures, religions and beliefs.

All rooms within the centre provide educationally appropriate and stimulating programs which are responsive to the needs of both the whole group and the individual child. We have a strong focus on supporting the ‘whole’ child. That is, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, creatively and morally. 

We recognise the value of play in a child’s development and provide experiences that reflect the current interests of the children who attend. We recognise the importance of partnerships between families and educators and provide an environment where we can work with families to create the most supportive environment for children in our care to develop to their best potential.