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Baby Massage

Brighton ELC and Brighton Beach ELC offer short baby massage courses that are held at the centre by a qualified IMIS teacher.

IMIS (Infant Massage Information Service) is the largest resource for infant massage in Australia.

Courses are scheduled in accordance to demand after hours for the convenience of our families.

These courses are also available to parents from outside the centre and are a great opportunity to enjoy a group experience and meet new parents.

Baby massage is designed for children of all ages and trainers can conduct private consults for families who have more specific needs.

IMIS instructors teach parents basic massage sequences to provide not only relaxation but in some cases, stimulation and reflexology.

Baby massage can benefit babies and children with low muscle tone, digestive issues such as gas, constipation and colic as well as help premature babies gain weight. Baby massage can also be a fantastic bonding experience for the person performing the massage.

Free information sessions are held for parents to extend their knowledge and explore the idea of baby massage.