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Enrolment Process


New Enrolments

The centre follows the following procedure for all new Enrolments.

Families complete a Wait List form and pay the non-refundable Wait List fee of $80. The waitlist form must be completed online and is available on this website.

When a position becomes available, families are offered a position via phone or email. Once you have accepted a position at the centre, you will be sent an enrolment form and a direct debit form.  Both forms need to be completed and returned to the centre with a booking fee by the date stipulated. This indicates that you have accepted the position. If the forms are not returned by the required date, your offer will be withdrawn.

The Booking Fee is: $500 for 2 days/week and $1,000 for 3-5 days/week. Please note that this booking fee is non refundable if you accept a place and then cancel your booking prior to your commencement at the centre. However when you take up your position, your booking fee is held in trust during your time at our centre. When you give the centre the required 4 weeks notice that you will be leaving, your booking fee is then refunded to you in your final account.

Prior to your child’s first day you will receive a confirmation of enrolment email. This email will provide information about your first orientation visit with your child. The email will also include information about your room and educators, what we provide and what you need to bring. Brighton ELC and Brighton Beach ELC have a minimum two day enrolment per child. We believe that the process of settling into a care environment is made easier when children visit more frequently than just once a week. This is very important to us and makes drop off times a happier experience for children and families.  

New Enrolments

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